by Silent Auction

  • buttons! buttons! buttons!

    -Temporarily Out - We will be ordering more soon-

    This is not a song. Or an album. Although it IS round, and resembles a vinyl record. Then again it also looks like a frisbee (although much, much smaller) or a coaster. Maybe we should add frisbees and coasters into our merchandise area. That would be pretty cool. Or, you could have the design custom made into a spare wheel cover for the back of your jeep. Although you would have to find your own custom-spare-wheel-cover maker because we don't know how to do that. But you can certainly use the design. And it would help us promote the band. score!

    But for now, these are wearable buttons. Each measures 1" in diameter (see? much smaller than a frisbee). But pin them on your sweater, your backpack or on the visor of your car and witness their magical powers almost instantly. For real. Totally magical! But we can't tell you what kind of magical powers because that would ruin the surprise.

    You can purchase these buttons individually or in larger quantities (so you can give them to all your friends!) They're a buck-a-piece, plus whatever it costs to ship to you. We suggest getting both designs because it's exciting...and it's a better use of your postage charge. Just let us know where you want your mysteriously magical buttons shipped to.

    If you're interested in a large quantity of either of our buttons, please email us directly at silentprodotcom@yahoo.com. We'll cut you a break on price...'cuz we're just that nice :)
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    Sold Out



released June 28, 2011

Button artwork by Jason & Terri Barbero - Silent Auction.



all rights reserved


Silent Auction Rochester, New York

Silent Auction began in 1997 as an industrial music project between Jason Barbero and Jason Rowe. Having grown and changed over time, Silent Auction is now the electro love child of Jason and Terri Barbero of Rochester, NY. Both members equally write and produce what they call "hybrid pop" - combining elements of electronica, industrial, synthpop and modern electro pop. ... more

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