Heart to Heart

by Silent Auction



Updated Feb 7, 2016:
An enormous THANK YOU to everyone who purchased and downloaded this release. We have finally reached our goal of paying off Jason's medical and hospital bills. Therefore, these two special release songs are no longer available for purchase and download.

Much love and appreciation,
terri & jason


Updated Dec 6, 2014:
It has been 2 years to the day since Jason's heart attack. We are over the hurdle. With a new outlook on life, a regulated dose of medications, healthy lifestyle changes, and being 100% smoke free since that day, we can happily say that Jason was given a great report at his most recent cardiologist appointment, and that his HEART IS HEALTHY. A-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Due to the attack 2 years ago he will always be diagnosed with heart disease, which is still scary, but certainly manageable!

Thank you to everyone who has been there for us, and for everyone who has helped us with the crazy medical bills through your purchase of this "Heart to Heart" mini ep release. The first surge of sales of this release helped us pay the cardiologist bill (nearly $900) and much of the ambulance bill ($1,200!). Thank you!!

Now, 2 years later, we have knocked our hospital bill down tremendously through regular payments on a payment plan. We've made serious progress. We won't lie though - it's been tough.

This "Heart to Heart" release will remain up on this bandcamp site for purchase until we've tamed this beast, whether on our own or with your help. Once the bill is paid in full, the 2 songs are no longer available! We thank you SO much for your belief in us, in our music, and in our future.

Love, j & t

Posted 2012: This Bandcamp.com exclusive release comes in the hope of raising funds to help relieve some of the heavy financial burden we are facing in the wake of Jason's recent heart attack. While we are hopeful and even excited about all the changes we are making, we cannot avoid the unfortunate truth about the actual financial cost of it all.

Jason did not have health insurance at the time of his heart attack due to a previous job layoff and the need to wait for insurance “open enrollment.” The medical bills are coming in - and they are adding up very quickly.

We have Nilaihah Records' blessing in releasing these songs strictly for the purpose of raising money for our medical bills. Whatever you decide to spend on these two songs will help us pay the looming debt and future medical expenses, which will in turn help us continue to write music for you for years to come.

The price for the "Heart to Heart" duo is listed as $4, however we have left the option open for you to "Pay What You Want" if you think this release is worth more. We are not asking for donations - we are selling our music to help us pay our medical bills. Given our passion for Silent Auction, we felt it was our duty to raise funds in a way that allowed us to give something back.

Our music allows us to Give Back in many ways. We have performed at fundraising events for Hurricane Katrina victims, BP Oil Spill Recovery efforts, and other people's medical expenses, to name a few. We have donated our music towards cancer research efforts through Metropolis Records' sold out "Electronic Saviors: Industrial Music to Cure Cancer Vol.1" release. We have sponsored a bicyclist in the 100 mile AIDS Rochester Red Ribbon Ride and supported the efforts of Charity:Water with money earned from our music sales. We promote an ongoing support of the efforts of Foodlink by hosting food drives for the needy at our performances. And we look forward to continuing our support of causes we believe in through our music for years and years to come.

Now we hope that our own music will help us in a similar way.

We do not take our music, health, or the lessons we've been given for granted - even the tough ones. We have come to truly understand the meaning and value in sacrifice and fortitude over these last couple of months. We received a personal invitation to perform at the 2013 Red Gorilla Festival during this year's South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. We recently made the tough decision to decline that invitation and we have also cancelled our London/Paris mini-tour planned for this summer. The funds we had saved for these two events have gone towards our medical bills, but there is still so much to pay. We are sad, but not broken. We understand our priorities and we will find other ways to promote our music.

This release is not our anticipated full length upcoming album (which is almost finished!), but rather a "surprise" mini-ep. These songs, "March of the Wild" and "Poison", are two of our personal favorites that somehow never seem to fit with any other Silent Auction collection or release. We wrote them during difficult times and they helped us work through personal issues - they are both very special to us. These songs have caused us heartache, excitement, frustration and joy during their creation. They have been rescued from the Silent Auction archives and our Island of Misfit Songs, and now are offered to you - our listeners, our fans, and our family - so that you may enjoy them and add them to your special and personal music libraries. These two songs have been mixed and lightly mastered in our own studio.

Each time you listen to these songs we hope you are reminded of why music is so important to us. You may be a lifelong friend or someone we met after a show or through a friend, maybe you're a fan of Silent Auction or maybe you have never even heard of us until now. Right now, with these two songs and our current mission, it does not matter. Music is our passion, our language, our creation - and we make it for you just as much as we do for ourselves. We believe music is a universal language, like love, and we feel called to share ours with you.

Please take a look around our page here on Bandcamp.com to listen and purchase other albums and releases we have available, and don't forget we also have great music available on itunes and through Nilaihah Records!

Thank you for your love and support. We love you all and hope you enjoy our music.

-Terri & Jason-
Silent Auction


A Little Insight:

- Jason was not eligible for Medicaid during the time of his heart attack.
- We applied for and were approved for Financial Assistance (Charity Care) through Rochester General Hospital. Even with the charity help, we are still responsible for approximately 40% of the heart attack and recovery bills, including hospital stay, cardiologist visits, ambulance charges, scans, tests, echo cardiogram, etc.
- Jason's contract employer does not offer any paid time off (no vacation, sick, or personal time). He has been out of work for 5 weeks out of the last 8.
- He is insured now, as of January 1st, 2013, which was the open enrollment date we had been waiting for all along. Even with our new high-deductible insurance, we now need to also prepare for the new hospital costs from Jason's week long stay to heal his micro-perforated colon.
- We have HOPE, and LOVE, and EXCITEMENT for our future. And nothing can break that.


*Background Information*

On December 6th, 2012, my husband, Jason Barbero (founding member of Silent Auction) suffered a heart attack.

A small diagonal branch off the left ventricle of his heart has become 100% blocked. At the young age of 34, this came as a sudden and complete surprise to us all.

While Jason has his fair share of medical conditions just like most of us (poor eyesight, lactose intolerance, diverticulitis), nothing stood out as a major concern for coronary disease, even during somewhat regular doctor visits. Jason does not use drugs, he doesn't abuse alcohol, and he's not obese. So then what caused this major event at such an early age? After blood tests, consultations, and screenings, we learned that a combination of genetics, unknown elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol, and smoking were the leading offenders.

At the urgent suggestion of his cardiologist, Jason adopted a new outlook on life and healthy living by making serious and necessary changes - immediately. He quit smoking the day of the attack and never looked back. He has learned to enjoy the flavors and challenges of a new near-vegetarian diet. He is educating himself on the importance of nutrition, exercise, and knowing the effects of everything he puts in his body. And he is not doing this alone - I, his wife, have followed him every step of the way and together we will become stronger, healthier, and more aware. We still have a lot more living to do!

-Terri Barbero


released February 4, 2013



all rights reserved


Silent Auction Rochester, New York

Silent Auction began in 1997 as an industrial music project between Jason Barbero and Jason Rowe. Having grown and changed over time, Silent Auction is now the electro love child of Jason and Terri Barbero of Rochester, NY. Both members equally write and produce what they call "hybrid pop" - combining elements of electronica, industrial, synthpop and modern electro pop. ... more

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Track Name: March of the Wild
Track Name: Poison
You’re holding on to me
I’m holding on too deep

I’m lost beyond this space and time
In a world that I created for you and I
Confused, I’m met with strange fatigue
From the games you play
The ones laid at my feet

I can’t get you out of my head, girl
Even when I try
You’re holding on to me
I’m holding on too deep

Your words are poison
Even unto me I feel the sting
And my heart burns once again
For you and not for me